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About Jodypig?
Jason Everett-Brown is a fully licensed tattoo artist who’s Local Health Authority registered studio is based between Exeter and Honiton in the beautiful heart of Devon, in Feniton. He is fast becoming known as the go to person for tattoos, not only for his unique and relaxed studio, but also for his speciality in creating custom one-off tattoo designs for men and women. He maintains, as an artist, that his tattoo designs will only ever be inked once by him, giving you the reassurance that your tattoo is truly unique.  

He also boasts a full range of tattooing styles including: Cover-ups, Revamps on old tattoos, European, Asian and Maori tattoos, Realism, Black and White, Full Colour, Old School such as Sailor Jerry and Portrait work. He will also happily work from your own designs. Jason is a firm believer in choice and that people have their favourite tattooists, which is why he will happily design work for you to take away so that you can have the work carried out at your preferred tattoo parlour.   

“I don’t consider myself a tattooist – rather an artist whose canvas is skin. For me it's as much about the experience as the end result. I want my clients to enjoy their tattoo time and feel free to discuss and change their design as much as like, until they are one hundred percent happy. Only then is the tattoo ready to be carried out with the utmost care, attention and with health and hygiene according to correct tattoo industry procedures.”

Surrounded by comic books, personal artwork, sculptures and movie memorabilia, you can relax in this comfortable, friendly and professional home studio while enjoying your favourite music, film or simply shooting the breeze at a time the suits you - day or night.

How Much Does a Jodypig Tattoo Cost?
I would begin by asking how many things can you buy that will ‘truly’ last a lifetime? That being said, the pursuit of money is the killer of what you enjoy and I don’t want my art to become over shadowed by the Green Demon. For this reason I keep costs low and charge a basic rate of £45ph for designs and tattoos. I also hold a fist full of ‘Saving Bacon’ offers.


What is Jodypig?
Jodypig is the pseudonym for Jason Everett-Brown’s illustrative work. For the past
25 years Jason has worked as a Creative Designer, Illustrator and Senior Marketing Manager for some of the top businesses including the global brand Thomson Reuters. Graduating from the University of Plymouth with first class Hons, he specialised and honed his skills as an illustrator, and was featured at the Conningsby Gallery of London as one of the 16 up and coming illustrators to look out for.

As a practitioner and teacher of Ninjutsu, he holds a Shidoshi Menko, passing the
infamous Godan Test. This gives him an aura of calm, patients and dedication which only adds to the already friendly atmosphere.

Why Tattooing?
The earliest forms of storytelling can be found on ancient cave walls. Next came marking the skin for the same reasons - to tell a story, describe a moment or feeling in another human beings life. Here is one of the oldest art forms and yet
there is still an indifference in people about it. I am at a stage in my life, where I want to get back to basics, creating art for people to talk about, however indifferent, and what better canvas to do it on than that of skin.

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